Around the AFC North: Antonio Brown calls out Le’veon Bell

capitals-321OTAs kicked off last week in the NFL, and the AFC North produced some interesting storylines. That includes Joe Flacco being a little overeager about one of his new receivers, the Steelers fighting among themselves, and the Browns are the ones doing something productive by helping out one of their former first round picks.

The Ravens sought to correct this though after watching Flacco fail miserably for years to elevate any sort of receiver talent on the roster. They brought in John Brown and Ryan Grant Michael Crabtree this offseason. Flacco already seems sold on Crabtree after only practicing with him a few times:

Woah slow down a little Flacco. You probably haven’t even met his family yet. In all seriousness though, I get you want to talk positively about a guy early on. However, everyone is still basically in shorts, and Crabtree had a real drop off season last year, only catching 58 passes and barely passing 600 yards last season.

However Giuliani did see the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox, 9-6, on May 10th.

However, Trump probably wasn’t referencing the Eagles when he tweeted the part about players remaining in the locker room during The Star-Spangled Banner. That was the most prominent of the NFL’s half-measures to make its anthem legislation not seem so callous about social justice. And now it’s something Trump can use as a weapon. Sorry!

Last September, when the NFL responded to Trump’s harsh and profane criticism of these protests with resistance and displays of unity before its Week 3 games, I wrote that the league had won the absurd weekend scuffle by presenting the value of teamwork and compassion. But it was merely one battle; Trump wanted a war, and the issue was too divisive for the league to tolerate for long. Instead of staying connected to the players, the owners used Week 3 as a stunt, nothing more than an ego-driven reaction to Trump telling them what to do, and as soon as it was over, they started quietly pondering how to satisfy and silence the president.

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