Cleveland cleanse: Browns coach Hue Jackson to jump in Lake Erie

Before diving into the 2018 season, Hue Jackson will plunge into Lake Erie.

The Browns coach will uphold the promise he made following his first season in Cleveland and jump in the lake on June 1.

“It’s just been a good mix. Guys have been here so long that they know what they need to do and what the team needs to do to find success,” said Stephenson.

Carlson said the veterans have to guide the younger players a bit differently.

“You have different conversations, there’s a different feel in the room. But ultimately it comes down to trying to be a positive influence on the kids. Show them work ethic, that sort of thing. But get them engaged, show them what it takes to play in this league. Everybody comes in with a boatload of skill, but it’s about grooming the personality to fit with the game,” he said.

Of course, bringing a bit of personality to a team mired in postseason heartbreak can be a good thing, too.

Bryant has had a hard time finding any team willing to sign him. Although he was once among the league’s elite receivers, his production has declined of late, and he hasn’t always been known as the easiest player to get along with, which could scare some teams off. He still has a couple months before training camps open to find a team.

“For me, it’s normal,” said Jose Calderon, who is Spanish. “I’m used to it. In Europe, everybody does that. Every team goes looking the exact same way every time to play. Depending what is your team, you can go all with the same sweats, you can go all with the same suits, but usually everybody dresses to travel the same.”

The Cavs aren’t as strict with the dress code as many European teams — they don’t wear the suits on the plane, for instance — but even the times they do wear the suits has taken some getting used to for a few players.ravens_142

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